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When you care enough to send the very best...balloons!

“Thank you for letting me share one of the things that brings me joy – balloons!”

I usually work that into one of the emails sent to a client, as we discuss possibilities, or confirm details, for their event. And I do mean it – balloons bring me joy, and sharing them brings more joy!

We’ve created balloon art for corporate events, parades, grand openings, school ceremonies, weddings, and large retail spaces. We get just as much joy when we share balloon décor for smaller gatherings, such as birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and retirements. Yard Art is a trend in our industry that began in 2020 when many celebrations needed to be held outdoors. (Check out the ‘Yard Art’ page for photos of some of the décor we’ve created and shared!) While we haven’t been around when the honoree looks out the window and sees balloons in their yard, I have fun imagining their surprise. Sure, we can and do deliver helium-filled balloon bouquets, but putting balloons in someone’s yard increases the fun a little, I think, by declaring to the neighborhood that someone is celebrating something special! From a boy turning 6, to a college student turning 21, to students graduating, to a motorcycle enthusiast turning 60, to a beloved mother on Mother’s Day, to retirees celebrating their golden anniversary, we’ve had so much fun sharing joy with balloon Yard Art! And it’s a blessing to us as well as the sender, to share love and smiles across the miles…clients who have ordered balloon fun for the recipient’s front yard include neighbors honoring someone in their household, a daughter honoring her mother on Mother’s Day, a mom in a neighboring state surprising her college student son, and grandparents halfway across the country celebrating their granddaughter’s graduation. How can we help you celebrate?

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