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How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

“How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.” 

We recently had an order for 70 helium-filled latex balloons as a surprise for the client’s father, on his 70th birthday.  What fun!  The person giving this colorful gift imagined the balloons floating up to fill a space her father would see as soon as he got up in the morning, first thing after leaving his bedroom to go to the rest of the house.  I was excited to create this image, as I’ve been wanting to fill a space with balloons for a while now!  As it happened, the space the client envisioned wouldn’t work for a couple of different reasons, so we went with her back-up plan, which was to put them in the room where her parents spend most of their time during the day. 

One of the questions that pops up on the balloon professionals’ Facebook groups from time to time is, “How many balloons would it take to fill the ceiling of a space…?” (with the dimensions of the room filled in the rest of the sentence.)  That’s actually not that hard to calculate, as a standard-size latex balloon is about 11” in diameter (depending on how full one fills it with helium or air), so a ceiling that is 20’ x 20’, or 400 square feet, would require 400 11” latex balloons (and maybe a few extra) to be completely full of balloons. 

We also provided a bouquet with a foil balloon 7 and a foil balloon 0 for this client, and in the days leading up to this installation, I realized that a grocery store near where we live, that used to have numerous helium balloons on display, no longer has any for sale.  Just out of curiosity sake, I inquired at a couple of other grocery stores and learned that, while they sell beautiful helium-filled foil balloons, they don’t offer foil number balloons.  Which led me to realize:  there are a limited number of local retail stores in the greater Eugene-Springfield area where one can purchase helium-filled foil number balloons.  We have some number balloons on hand, but currently we don’t have all numbers (0-9).  We can order, though, and have them the next day (M-F), depending on the time of day we get our order in.  Foil number balloons come in quite a few colors.  We do have large frames (0-9!) to make large balloon numbers for yard displays or special occasions.  We can make those numbers in any color, of course. 

When you care enough to give the very best…think balloons! 

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