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Social Distancing Can't Pop my Balloon Fun

We love sharing balloons and seeing how they transform time and space with joy! It goes without saying that balloon decor and twisting help elevate events and POP! (see what I did there?) with color and fun. I'm just thinking off the top of my head (and I know I'll forget more than one event), but in the past several months, we have twisted balloons at a school Halloween event, Haunted Market at 5th Street Public Market, Night to Shine in Corvallis, and we created wonderful balloon decor for Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's themes at a car dealership, the last home girl's basketball game at South Eugene High School, and Night to Shine in Corvallis, including a fun balloon drop. Oh yeah! And our football arch at the Eugene Airport, to send off Rose Bowl fans in style! Many people attended the events and entered the sites to enjoy the balloons and other activities going on.

Of course, that was all pre-social-distancing.

But the party must go on - in some way, shape, or form. If you can't invite people inside, why not decorate outside? We're enjoying rising to the challenge of the time, and creating lovely balloon decor to display in yards and entryways. It was a delight to host two balloon bunnies, a large carrot, and a cross in our yard for Easter weekend. Drive-by parades, celebrating milestone events or holidays, can be enhanced with balloon decorations on the vehicles and held by participants or spectators alike. So far, we've been a little reluctant to create balloon decor to be brought inside someone's home, since we just don't know how long the virus can last on a latex or foil balloon, although we do have colleagues who are putting balloon decorations they've made inside a plastic bag for three days before they deliver, and they have been able to do with safety for both the balloon artists and the recipient. Safety is our number one priority, of course. When we bring yard art to someone's home, we install it in such a way that the recipient doesn't need to be present at all, and our goal is that the decor won't be touched, with the possibility of spread of germs. (Both of us are symptom-free and haven't been anywhere in weeks except to pick up groceries in the store parking lot, and in people's yards sharing balloons)

We wish you well, and hope you are finding ways to stay in touch with friends and loved ones. Let us know how we can share balloon joy with you!

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